‘Technology has a big role to play in food delivery apps’

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    Modern technology is widening horizons day-by-day. Apps developed with outdated technologies fail to sustain in the market. Now, let’s take a look at the impact of technology on these on-demand food delivery apps.

    The role of ‘Big Data’:
    • Data analysis has emerged as a major trend nowadays. Online platforms follow an intuitive approach, known as the ‘data-driven’ approach. With this approach, accurate results are provided to users, thereby leading to increased reliability.
    • For example, let’s assume a user orders food from a restaurant through the app. The app then receives the data provided by the user, formulates the time taken to deliver the food order.
    • Now, this estimated time includes time to prepare the app according to previous reports, time taken during the transit after analyzing the real-time traffic, etc.
    • With such a detailed and well-executed approach, users are provided with accurate services without any delay.
    Virtual Restaurants to boost businesses:
    • Now, let’s take a look at what virtual restaurants are. An online food delivery platform identifies the popular and bestselling cuisine in a particular region or a locality.
    • With this data in hand, these platforms assist restaurants that are seeking their help. This way, restaurants enhance their business in a particular locality, and these platforms experience increased user traffic.
    • Those restaurants seeking help are termed as virtual restaurants, which offers only delivery. Thus with a data-driven approach, online food delivery apps are set to flourish in the market for years to come.
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