2 questions for installation.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am facing 2 problems as below, and it will be highly appreciated if anyone is able to provide me the solution:

    1. How do I move the whole site from ROOT to a NEW path folder? I have viewed the thread about moving to the root :
    update `{prefix}config` set `value` = 'http://www.yourdomain.com/' where `name` = 'baseurl';
    Shall I just change the "yourdomain.com" to "yourdomain.com/newfolder" ? If so, how about the "where `name` = 'baseurl';" ?

    2. I had try uploading the whole new installation files to a new folder named "French", I need a new folder for a new language site, but it seems blocked as I keep seeing "ERROR 404 Requested URL not found." How do I turn off the blocking so that I am able to proceed the installation and everyone is able to view my new language site?

    Thanks in advance! =D

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