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    I might want to buy the article script but I still have a few questions:
    Is it possible to turn off articles by members? I want to make a article website where only I can post. Not guests/members.

    And is it possible to comment on articles?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello @wesselvegmond,

    Yes, it is possible. Subrion has Permissions functionality for each usergroup in the system, you also can create your own usergroups.
    In order to disable articles submission functionality for anyone except administrators you should go to admin panel -> Members -> Permissions -> Edit "Registered" usergroup -> then forbid Add/Edit actions for them (see the screenshot).
    However Publishing" section will appear only when Publishing script is installed.


    By default there is no functionality for commenting articles, but there is a plugin for that http://www.subrion.org/plugin/comments.html

    Also you may use plugin for Disqus commenting system integration http://www.subrion.org/plugin/mgdisqus.html

    You can install these plugins right from your admin panel -> Plugins -> select "Available Plugins" section -> set "Mode" to "Remote" and search by title "Comments" or "disqus" (see the screenshot).


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