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    Aaron Lal
    Hi, My name is Aaron Lal.

    I am the founder of Natures Bloom. I am in my early 30s and currently live in Melbourne Australia. I am originally from Auckland New Zealand, where I spent about twenty five years of my life, mainly in West Auckland. I grew up in a suburb called West Harbour, where I went to a primary school called Marina View and later to a high school called Massey High. After high school, I was unsure what profession I wanted to pursue so I took I year off to work at the local department store working in furniture.

    After a year of working, I really needed to decide what me, Aaron Lal wanted to do in life so I decided to go to university to study business and marketing. The university I chose was otago university in Dunedin, New Zealand. The university is based in the South Island of New Zealand and thus it gets very cold. I made sure to pack up really warm before leaving. I was fortunate to have my best friend come along with me and another friend from high school. Upon leaving for Dunedin, I was still unsure at this point what degree I wanted to study. I was tossing up between a degree in physiotherapy or business and marketing. In the end I choose the marketing degree, simply because I though there would be better job opportunities out there for me. The first few months at university went well, although I was still a bit shell shocked from leaving home, I settled in well and made some new friends. Once winter hit it took some getting used to for the chilliness and cold. One way the students in Otago cope with the cold is the drinking culture. The students at Otago love to have a good drink and there would be street parties going every day and every night. However after a few months of studying and partying at Otago, I decided to head back home to Auckland. I think the city was too cold for me, I am someone who likes the sun and hot weather so otago was not the best option for me.

    Upon returning to Auckland, I had to decide what I wanted to do. I knew that the best thing for me was to continue studying and finish my degree so I enrolled at the local university AUT, or Auckland university of Technology. I was able to fortunately cross credit my semester at otago so that was not a waste of time. I really enjoyed my time at AUT and made some great new friends. The campus was based in the Auckland CBD so was not too far from my home. After three years of full time study at AUT, I graduated with a bachelor of business with a marketing major. I felt great because I had my grand mother attend my graduation ceremony. I felt very proud of myself to getting my degree, me, Aaron Lal had finally acheived something great. The first person in the Lal family to go to university and get a degree. While my student loan costs were fairly high, it was worth it to get a degree that could potentially see me earning a great wage in the business industry.

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