Add page 403 error when not logged in.

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  1. willylions

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    Hi, we've noticed that if user is not logged in and goes to add page they get ERROR 403. We were wandering if there's a fix for this. the ideal thing would be a redirection to homepage or better yet to register/sing in page. Has anyone found a workaround for this? Thanks
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    Indeed, this message an impression that the site has errors. A more friendly message would be more beautiful, or a text message that can change the control panel.
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  3. boracayblue

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    Well it has been almost a year. Has anyone solved the puzzle as to how, if a user is not logged in and goes to add page, they can automatically trigger the register/sign in pop-up? Thanks in advance.
  4. boracayblue

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    I have now worked out the solution for this:

    Step 1. Change manage.php so the error instruction instead redirects to a page called 'signintoadd'


                return iaView::accessDenied;
    Change to

                iaUtil::go_to(IA_URL . 'signintoadd/');
    Step 2. Create page signintoadd via the admin center (content/pages/add page) and give it the following Page Content
    Toggle 'Source' to add it

    <div class="p-Add">
    <div class="title">
    <h1><small>Please <a data-target="#loginModal" data-toggle="modal" href="#" id="test">Login</a> or <a href="/registration">Register</a></small></h1>
    That's it. I hope you find this useful.
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