Add venues to more than one category?

Discussion in 'Yellow Pages Script / Local Directory Script' started by Boue, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Boue

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    Is it possible to add venues to more than one category?

    Using the example of your 'locality Doctors' template, or indeed any directory for a particular profession, it would be very helpful if venues (listings) could be submitted to more than one category.

    For example with Locality Doctors - many Doctors have expertise in more than one area of medicine.
    Limiting venues (listings) to just one category means this package doesn't really work as a directory for a specific profession.

    The functionality would be very similar to in the web directory package which allows listings to be submitted to multiple categories, so should be relatively easy to copy into the 'yellow pages' package.
  2. Dayir_A.

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    Hello @Boue,

    Recently we've done quite huge refactoring of the code in our system, that was related to categories.
    We've already added this issue in our todo list:
    Feature will be implemented in one of upcoming releases of Yellow pages script.
    You can track the progress on that page.

    Thank you for your reports.

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