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  1. Eleanna

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    We have this tool on a business directory site, and after lots of hassle and the very much appreciated help from Subrion finally got this going. We are now trying to add the AddThis tool to one of our other sites, but find the AddThis instructions (?) on how to do this particularly useless. We got in touch with their "support" and I would rather not say what I think of that experience, might get chicked off the forum on the basis of bad language...
    Can anybody give us an idea how this works? the site in question is a real estate site working the the Subrion real estate package and we would like to see the social media buttons on each property page.
  2. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    Hi Eleanna!

    The process is as follows:
    1. Register on AddThis and go to your Dashboard
    2. In Tools section choose Sharing Buttons option.
    3. Configure buttons. Choose what you need, eg. Facebook, Google, Twitter.
    4. Copy code in both steps and paste it to this file: [root]/packages/realestate/templates/common/view.tpl. You can place code where you need it. Example: right after line 84.

    Tricky part. We need to tell AddThis to pick only what we need.
    1. Open layout.tpl file of your template.
    2. In head section you need to place this code (example):
    Code (Text):

    {if isset($item) && $item && !in_array($pageName, array('profile', 'view_member'))}
      <meta property="og:url" content="{$smarty.const.IA_SELF}">
      <meta property="og:title" content="{$item.title}">
      <meta property="og:image" content="{printImage imgfile=$[0]['path'] url=true}">
      <meta property="og:description" content="{$item.description}">
    This is OpenGraph format. You can read more about it here:

    And this should do the trick. Please configure this code according to your website.

  3. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    Hi Gleb,

    thanks. Haven't done it yet, but will have a go at it later when I hae the time. This is an excellent example of proper, good support. As it should be. thanks again!


    hmmm, did exactly what you said, and nothing shows anywhere...
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  4. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

  5. Eleanna

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    Just updated the previous post...

    hmmm, did exactly what you said, and nothing shows anywhere...
  6. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    Please provide me with live url to your page with AddThis code.
  7. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

  8. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    Hi again!

    I've managed to acces your website via FTP and I don't see any AddTHis code in view.tpl file... That's why it does not show up :)
  9. Eleanna

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    I've just checked both Layout.tpl and view.tpl. the code is there.

    In layout ,tpl it's right under the <head> tag
    in view.tpl its on line 137
  10. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    You've placed code in package template file, while there is an override of this file in Restates template.
    We've added this code to that template and it now shows up.

  11. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    ok, excellent, thanks. Much appreciated, as always.
  12. Eleanna

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    We are still having serious problems with this, and the support of the AddThis people is simply non existing... So, can somebody please tell me how to get this to work properly...
    the primary image on this page is 800 x 600px, well above the facebook recommended minimu 200 x 200px.
    This is what the scraper says it sees


    which is the correct, 800 x 600px image (highlighted)

    However, this is what it produces


    And this is the excuse for giving the wrong image


    However, we could live with that if it was indeed what would be produced...

    On facebook, this is what is produced


    NO IMAGE, not even the wrong one...

    We have cleared the cache, both browser and server, but cannot get this thing to produce the correct image...
    after many repeated attempts, we now get the correct image

    but still a total blank on facebook itself.
  13. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    Has anybody got any idea why this simply will not work? We have done everything by the book, checked and rechecked, uploaded large images, well above the recommended 200 x 200 (Facebook) and 500 x 500 (Subrion), but fail to get the plugin to publish an image on Facebook. The preview we get is perfect (as in the above post), that image is 800 x 600px, but on facebook it doesn't show. All we get is a balnk box with the text underneath. This is seriously frustrating...
  14. Eleanna

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    Getting seriously disgusted with this. Not working, and neither the so called support team from Addthis, nor anybody here seems to be able(willing?) to help out on this one. What's the point of the plugin if it can't be made work?

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