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Discussion in 'Installation & Upgrades' started by webowner, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. webowner

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    Hi There,

    LOVE Subrion, and have it set up on a sub-domain (as below).. But, I can't seem to find the Admin panel now, and nothing is available when I log-In. Returns a 403 ERROR.

    Also, please tell me what is your latest version.

    And, how does someone ADD a new Testimonial?

    I need ADMIN access to my site. / Where is Admin?

    Thank you so much. Look forward to the reply.
  2. ganodan

    ganodan New Member

  3. webowner

    webowner New Member

    Ah, Thank you Sooo much....
  4. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    The latest available version is 3.2.7. Anyhow, we release a new version tomorrow, it's going to be 3.3.0 as it has a lot of nice improvements, including more features for language management, default RTL support, ability to setup custom tpl file for pages, OpenGraph support, image config type, updated 3rd party libs, and many more features, improvements, and bugfixes.
  5. ditofatahillah

    ditofatahillah New Member

    i have a sub-domain "". i cant open my admin dashboard. Please help...
  6. ChungChiSuPham

    ChungChiSuPham New Member

    In My opinion, I think It 's nice!
  7. Alex007

    Alex007 New Member

    CPS test stands for the Click Test. It can be a 5-second simple test. You need to click as many times as possible before time's up. Feel free to try as many times as you want. Make sure to get your best score.

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