Are there any decent CMS plugins for it yet?

Discussion in 'Subrion CMS Plugins Discussion' started by Tonypaddy, Nov 30, 2018.

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    I just discovered Nova, and holy crap. This looks awesome.

    But: are there any good, open-source CMS packages for it yet?

    Ideally, I'd like something that allows backend users to:

    Create pages with a title PutLocker (e.g., "Our Team) and a URL slug (e.g., "/about-us/staff").

    Select a layout/template to use for the page, from a list of templates supplied by a front-end theme.

    Populate various fields, depending on the template selected. For example, a "Staff Member Detail" template might have fields for name, title, headshot, and bio.

    Bonus points if I can allow users to create custom layouts by stacking arbitarily chosen "blocks" (hero sliders, text blocks, embedded YouTube videos, etc.).
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