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  1. dsimms

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    By looking at this article directory, it really looks like it is
    behind the times compared to other design,
    and functions...what do we need to do to catch up?

    Lets take for example your submit page...

    it looks like just one plain blob submit box...

    heres what you should have....


    Title: Limit to 150 words
    (strip html)
    Summary: Limit to 500 words
    (strip html)
    Keywords: Limit to 255 words
    (strip html)
    Article Body: Min 250 words, would auto reject
    if less words are detected.
    (strip html)
    Default Author Bio: (that author can save his sig)
    (allow html)
    Comments allowed: Yes/No

    Members Options: Submit, Preview, Save Draft


    Some other options:

    Duplicate article check to make sure duplicate articles have
    not already been submitted to directory, if it finds a duplicate
    then it tells the member the article has already been submitted.
    not only that, it has to check a certain % of the article so the
    member can not just change a few words and try to submit again.

    How about a keyword density check to check for spammers that
    are spamming certain keywords so they can try to gain an
    the advantage in search engine keywords....I am not sure what %
    a keyword has to be before it is considered spam, lets say if the
    submitter exceeds 2% of keywords then the article is rejected....

    I just feel this directory is far behind other directories. You should be
    looking at ezine and other directories and implement the best
    options you can so we new article directories can even compete.

    and I have not even touched on why we put up to
    make money from ad placements, which I do not see at this point....

    behind, very behind...


    I think you should also take a look at the URL structure...I have submitted my
    first article to my directory...look how long this URL is:

    Are you kidding me? I think people get the fact that is a article site...
    why do we need Overkill?

    maybe it should be something like:

    What do you think?


    Most importantly...Where is the syndication box? a box where people can
    easily grab the article for syndication. I also think there should be option
    for admin to place auto links on all articles/syndication, this could be for
    ads, or whatever...or even to say: Article Source:


    As you can see, I got ideas, I just do not see them implemented...
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  2. marcolav

    marcolav New Member

    I think this is a great product, and Vasily and the other members of staff I dealt with are extremely responsive and helpful, helping to fix things even if they were sometimes broken by my own mistakes. I agree that it is lacking some functionalities, but again I am pretty sure that if it is technically feasible they will implement it rather quick.

    having said that , i agree that the syndication option is quite important, as well as more status options for the articles , which however I believe is something they may be already working on. Things like not just active and approval but also, rejected, to be reviewed etc

  3. wealthyaffiliate

    wealthyaffiliate New Member

    Do you think it's still a great product now your site as been hacked?
    My site as been hacked so I am just strolling the forums looking for links to see if I can find. How many have this issue you are the third including mine up to now..:mad:
  4. marcolav

    marcolav New Member

    Yes I have to agree, I am no longer that happy really, one my sites was wiped out, the other is hacked and hopefully the content can be retrieved but all in all it seems it was rather easy for those hackers to sneak in
  5. romanterry

    romanterry New Member


    I am always amazed when someone uses a product knowing there is a much better one somewhere else. What's the point? If these article directories are stale and outdated, why not change to the ones that are better and fresher? Where exactly are they?

    Having said that there are serious flaws in both the directory and the articles to be sure. The most glaring problem is that of limited fuctionality. Like not having an easy area to do the CSS or alter the website ourselves makes it hard to have to run back to Subrion staff and ask for them to do something else. I never know if I am asking within reason or too demanding.

    For starters I am in that new stage where I do not know if the problems lie within the website core or my limited knowledge of how to work the CMS. Probably both.
  6. romanterry

    romanterry New Member

    The reason we have directories... to sell advertising space, though unless our directory was truly large and spectacular, advertising dollars will be minimal at best.

    Therefore the principle power of a directory is to gain high quality relevant reciprocal links by way of offering them a free listing on our directory. Some directories carry tremendous weight in the SERPS, i.e. DMOZ listings. The catch 22 here is water seeks its own level, so to say, meaning link with similiar quality sites. DMOZ is not going to even entertain the notion of giving you a link unless you are already large and spectacular, why should they?

    This is why directories are so notorious at getting flagged for duplicate content. Get rid of as much repetitive boxes as possible especially the utterly worthless ones like Random Listings. I am still waiting for someone to make a valid argument for why they created this. I think maybe the Vodka was flowing that night and they could not think of anymore options so decided to mix the directories up a bit. Or, and I never lie, based on just a rumour I heard on a beach in Greece, that they had been watching Disney's TV kids show, "SO Random !", you probably should run it by Vlad or Vassily, they may know but I imagine are sworn to secrecy. :cool:Okay now I am really messing with them! I realize I have a dreadful sense of humour.:rolleyes:

    Point is to get rid of the areas that when added up, add up to more than the orignal content for each page. This internal duplicate content is a killer. I will post internal duplicate content videos if someone is interested in avoiding this. Its far more common, and also far more evil than one first may have imagined. Do try making your directory unique.
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