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  1. rebuycars

    rebuycars New Member

    Hi as i am totally newbee on your script as previously using need some basic help from your experts.
    Any user manual for newbie's like me any tutorial for this script to run on full swing like we have many WP tutorials on youtube.

    My issue is wanted to remove MASHINKI form header and footer both places and want to put my site logo in replacement of MASHINKI at only footer not on header.
    Secondly, want to remove text FIND THOUSANDS OF CARS FOR SALE and other related ads from header
    Thirdly, want to remove HOME tab from header
    Fourthly, can we make sellers contact easier like on one click without entering user email and name then message then submit …if its possible need only one message box and send tab.
    Lastly, can we send sms message to users along with an option of email as sms/whatsapp is more convenient way to communicate and can we display mobile number of users for contact option…..i have seen this on other sites…….they also verify mobile numbers via sms.
    SOS plz……Cheers
  2. albertolopezdev

    albertolopezdev New Member

    1. I already answered how to change the Mashinki logo on another thread.

    2. To remove the FIND THOUDSNDS OF CARS FOR SALE :
    • Go to Admin Panel > Content > Blocks : Look for "Header block" and press the little Pencil to Edit
    • Go down to content and Edit the text:

      <div class="h-block">
      <div class="h-block__title">Find thousands of cars for sale</div>
      <div class="h-block__subtitle">and other related ads</div>

      OR set the block to Inactive to disable it
    • Click Save
    3. To remove HOME tab from header :

    You need to know that HOME is the homepage of the script, so FIRST
    • Admin Panel > Content > Pages : Look for HOME and press Pencil to Edit
    • Go down to "Show in Menus" and Check mark the menus you want HOME to appear (One of those is the header)
    4. There is a plug in to send messages without email as you want. It is named: "Private Messages plugin"
    To insall it:
    • Go to Admin Panel > Extensions > Plugins > Avaliable Plugins > Mode: Remote
    • Look for the "Private Messages" plug in and press the Install button at the right
    • Done
    As for 5. I dont know yet how to do
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  3. rebuycars

    rebuycars New Member

    Thanks Dude, really helped :)
  4. albertolopezdev

    albertolopezdev New Member

    Let me know if you need more help : )
  5. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Thanks for your assistance, @albertolopezdev

    If you need any tech assistance yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks!

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