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    Meet the new version of our auto classifieds software for dealers - 4.0.2. Here is the changelog:
    Here is the link to milestone description:

    Update is easy.

    1. Make backup of your both files & database
    2. Download new version and upload to packages/autos/ over your current files
    3. Run upgrade on Dashboard / Extensions / Packages page

    That's it. You can manually update block positions if needed, or reinstall the template you currently have. Please remember - some template modified phrases might be reset during upgrade.

    Demos updated
    We also updated our demo so you could see the latest version in action.

    Autos related templates are updated and compatible with the latest version.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
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  2. teompa

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    The new version of the script is nice. It is not possible search by locality?
  3. Laith

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    I am trying to update to the new version but whenever i open the upgrade wizard to do the upgrade it asks me to login as admin which i am already am, please help. thanks

    Screenshot (7).png

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