Best Acne scar treatment in Delhi

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    Dr. Rohit Batra is the best skin specialist in Delhi who uses advanced methods to treat all mild to major skin concerns, like laser toning, chemical peel, and different types of laser technology. Skin problems must not be ignored and consultation is a must to get it treated at the initial phase to prevent its worsening. Dr. Batra conducts a proper diagnosis and provides relevant treatment for skin, hair, and nail concerns and diseases. Dr. Rohit Batra’s DermaWorld Skin Institute is committed to offering quality care with effective treatments. To get smooth, supple and clear skin, visit DermaWorld Skin Institute and consult Dr. Rohit Batra, the most experienced skin specialist doctor in Delhi for attaining optimal results.
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    Address: Q-4, RAJOURI GARDEN, NEW DELHI – 110027
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