Best Bariatric Surgeon in Bangalore

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    Health care today is undergoing a sea change. And the ever evolving technological advances is a major contributor to this development. Karnataka has remained in the forefront in its capacity to adapt to these changes and has become the “I.T. Capital” of the country. Like I.T., Health care facilities in the State are being looked at with great expectations. Off late we are seeing the emergence of Bangalore as the “Healthcare Capital” of India. People are travelling from far and wide, including from other nations to seek health care at affordable costs in our city of Bangalore. Many Hospitals are rising to this demand and gearing up to meet the challenges of the new age health needs with the best of technology available.We at A.V. Hospital are striving to provide the best “State of the Art Health Care” to our State. What sets us apart is our strong values of treating patients with compassion and empathy. Our founders believed that patients came to the hospital seeking relief from their pain and sufferings. It is our responsibility to alleviate their misery with good, ethical medical care. Hence, hospital is very much akin to a temple and we are motivated to serve the humanity with all our heart.

    Best Bariatric Surgeon in Bangalore
    Best Bariatric Hospital in Bangalore

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