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    I have a paid version of the script. I bought it a while ago. At that time it was called xooArticles Publishing Suite. The version is 1.0.00. I also have the license number but I wasn't sure if I should post it here.

    The script has been running great every since I bought it. I had no problems with it whatsoever.

    I just changed my hosting provider and I copied everything from my public_html to the public_html folder of new host. I have also changed the permissions of following directories to 777:

    pictures and sub directories.
    tmp folder in the root.

    Everything seems to be fine. Accept when I add a new article, it will not upload the image and after that a blank page shows up. When I try to edit the article, the changes are saved perfectly but same thing happens. The image does not upload and the blank page.

    I was hoping if you guys can help me out with this. It is probably just another directory that needs changing permissions. I did everything as perfectly I could in coping everything. The site in question is 101 Weight Loss - Tips for quick, easy, safe and healthy weight loss..

    Thank you for your time and support.
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    Hi, I'm sorry, cannot suppose anything. Can you send a mail to us with credentials to your server?

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