Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews: Things To Know Before Buying

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    The Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner is an incredible piece of kit that would be useful in pretty much every environment you can think of. It is well-made, portable, and easy to use. The portability of such a powerful and efficient little machine cannot be undermined. Imagine having an entire air conditioner on you when you go to the office just so you don’t have to deal with the intense heat. Furthermore, there are just so many scenarios that would completely change thanks to this portable AC like camping trips, bedtime during summers, and so much more. The portability doesn’t come at a significant cost either as the AC is extremely power efficient and can sustain its operation for many hours on a single charge. Not only that, but the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is also incredibly quiet to the point where you can just turn it on and forget that it’s even there. Coming in at just 40 decibels, this portable AC barely makes any noise and thus can also be used while you sleep.

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