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How can I solve this 2 problem.

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  1. ilker

    ilker New Member

    I will use subrion. I test subrion.

    I entry new blog. but Turkish some characters have problem.

    In attached file has 2 pictures in same file.

    1. picture

    1. and 2. mark has Turkish character and no problem. ( but 1. mark will problem 2. picture )

    but 3. mark is problem.

    2. picture ( when I clicked the blog entry. )

    1. mark has problem ( 'ü' character ) but 2. mark no problem.
    3. mark is the same character with 1. ('ü') but no problem.
    4. mark has 2 Turkish character but no problem.

    How can I solve this 2 problem.


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  2. Soodanim

    Soodanim New Member

  3. GanikaSharma

    GanikaSharma New Member

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  4. alex_johnson

    alex_johnson New Member

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