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    Guys, I have been a cheerleader for you for over 10 years, through what occurred with Esyndicat, first changing from unlimited plans to plans released based on version, then basically dropping Esyndicat. I have remained with you. Again I know you are working on a new version but that is where some of my frustrations come in. You keep launching new versions but not fixing bugs or issues that have been known for years. I shouldn't have to submit a ticket to fix something that has been a known open issue for over 5 years. You launch new versions but don't update the packages and plugins for them for months. Then the packages and plugins basic functionality doesn't work properly, if at all. I have been on the issue trackers, and things will get mark as fixed but never implemented in the newer versions. The same issues remain. Then new versions are launched without upgrade scripts and we have to manually move data if we want to upgrade.

    I think its time to stop trying to launch new core versions for a little while and work on the issues with the script, plugins and packages and try to talk to your customers. I have been looking forward to trying your e-commerce package, I have been considering getting the yellow pages package, or the directory package but until some of the core functionality, templates, packages and plugins are fixed, I don't really see much point.

    I am not trying to harp on you and I mean this all with the utmost respect but right now it doesn't seem like we are moving forward.
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    Thanks for your feedback and for being loyal to us for ages.
    Like most other software programs we do try to evolve. Unfortunately now we don't have a medicine for easier upgrades :( We would really like to stop working on CMS core system and focus on bugfixes in our packages, and that's something we promised for the previous release. But there are still some critical changes needed for our new version, that would make it much easier for developers. Simple example - now plugins can have items, and we are working on item builder in admin dashboard that would support basic CRUD operations. It's impossible to go on the development of two branches - we don't have enough resources to manage just one core line :( At the moment we plan to complete 4.2.0 and it will not have any serious changes anymore.
    We will follow semantic versioning paradigm strictly and release patches only with bugfixes as we plan to change our development process.

    > I have been on the issue trackers, and things will get mark as fixed but never implemented in the newer versions.
    That's very strange as we never close issues that were not fixed. Probably a rare case with declined status?

    We indeed understand all the frustration, we wish we could only focus on the packages & modules and deliver the new functionality. Anyhow, we still need a version with the major LTS code structure.

    Thanks again!
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