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  1. Paul69

    Paul69 New Member

    Hello Guys

    I know Vasily and Team busy developing stable core. I am from canada and I like to know know if you guys Databse for canada city

    I am more than happy to in put data manually if i absolutely i have tooo

    Guys let me know if you can advice how to change the database from usa to canada

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  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi Paul,

    We have locations in the yellow pages core. Anyway, I don't really think you need to input all the data manually. We will adapt your dump for the latest yellow pages version. We hope to release new version of the package next week.

    It will have all the fixes for known bugs. I would recommend to wait for that release. You've been waiting for the past two years and one week more doesn't mean that much I suppose. But you will get a better version then :)
  3. Paul69

    Paul69 New Member

    I will send you all i have for the city database for 5 countires
    in your email link so you can download

  4. Paul69

    Paul69 New Member


    my team is working on canadian database and we are almost half way though.

    I am also using custom catagory structure so I rather you guys focus on the key features

    I am waiting to hear from you next updates

    So far i am very happy how everything is comming along

    Once again Thanks Team


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