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    I have correctly installed a little scrip of that lets me chat with people who enter to my home page. I woul like the chat appers everywere on diferents pages of my site, but I don't know why I can't do that. If someone can help me to fix this I will be greatfull.

    The problem is when people enter to my site don't see the chat when they are navegating on diferent pages of the same domain site, they only see the chat window when they are on home page.

    I have try diferent ways to solve this and make the chat apears on everywere but I have not results that I want. TEMP Pantalla 3.png TEMP Pantalla 2.png TEMP Pantalla
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    Thanks for your request.
    Please note there is a setting in admin dashboard that allows to add footer code block.

    You need to check Admin Dashboard / System / Miscellaneous section. There is "Code before closing BODY tag " field you can use to put your code it.
    It will add this code for all pages of your website.

    Let us know if you need any assistance.

  3. alexmtz.g

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    I'm sorry but I have double check here:
    Admin Dashboard / System / Miscellaneous section
    and can't find anything related to "Code before closing BODY tag "

    Am I looking in the wrong place?

    (see the screenshots attached, please)

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  4. Vasily_B.

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    I believe you use an obsolete version then. Let me know what core version you use.

  5. alexmtz.g

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    According to my admin panel, I have this version:
    Subrion CMS
  6. Vasily_B.

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    Ahh, yes. The functionality I mentioned above is only available in 4.1.x version. I think it would be easier to edit layout.tpl file in your template folder, and add the code directly in it.
    Find the the closing </body> tag and put your code before it.

    In this case the functionality will be available on all pages for you.

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    • The end chat functionality on both the admin and user sides is very hard to find, and not intuitive. As a consumer, I've used systems where the "End Chat" button was clearly displayed so I knew when I was completing a conversation. Conversely, if the agent ended the conversation, I knew that too. With is is not clear if a conversation/chat has ended. It would be helpful if both the admin and the user were clear about the outcome of the session.
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