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    I was looking for an option to choose a unique template for each language, but I didn't find something like this, Why I am asking about this feature?

    In the Arabic language we write from right to left it's RTL language yes I know that your CMS supports RTL in the template but there is a problem when I choose the template the design not correct and needs to be fixed in some places as an example of these minor annoying problems.

    This is the original design before fixing it.


    This is after fixing minor problems:


    I think the problem is clear now, So what I am thinking of is to add a new field in the language settings to choose which template of the available templates I can choose from such as my edited template (kickstart_ar) for Arabic language and the same template (kickstart) but without editing for English I mean the original template and we solved another problem in this way then I will be happy in the end and the people who are using languages from right to left too :)

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