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  1. ccarsona

    ccarsona New Member

    I just tried the Cityguide theme (I have the Yellowpages script), and the maps aren't showing in either the listings or in the Add Venue form. I also don't see the paid option Plans. Is it dependent on additional plugins being loaded -- if so, the dependencies don't seem to be listed (except for the Yellowpages script). Thanks in advance.
  2. ccarsona

    ccarsona New Member

    Have I posted in the right area?
  3. Weddinggurus

    Weddinggurus New Member

    Under the admin panel, click financial and you can then add plans there. For the maps have you installed the google maps plugin? Clients on Maps plugin and the Google Maps plugin differ from each other. If you install the google maps plugin and then add the API in the admin panel you should be set. When you add the venue and fill in the address it should automatically show the map. If the map is not showing up go to the settings of the plugin and double check that it is displaying on the correct pages.

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