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    First of all i want to say thank you for this great product. I very like it.
    I can use it but i want to upgrade some feature.
    I absolutely beginer in Subrion CMS so i have a question about ckeditor plugins.

    I wanted to add bootstrap tabs plugin:
    I read this topic:
    but it seems does not work in Subrion v4.2 with the latest ckeditor 4 plugin.

    I tried this method also:
    No success.

    I got this error:
    ckeditor.js?fm=1553714071:250 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'icons' of null at CKEDITOR.resourceManager.<anonymous>

    If i change entirely ckeditor to latest version, i get this error:
    UncaughtTypeError:Cannot read property 'langEntries' of null

    So my question, how can add bootstrap tabs plugin to the editor feature.

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