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    Based on what they want, their site will be roughly 80% static with a few basic CMS-like features (photo uploading mostly, maybe simple blogging abilities). This wouldn't be a problem for me except A), their hosting package through Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire GoDaddy only has PHP installed, and a limited number of PHP frameworks and CMSes, but I have only a passing familiarity with PHP -- I mostly work with JS (node), Python, or Ruby for back end stuff. And B) they recently signed up for 5 years worth of hosting with GoDaddy, and it's past the refund date. They are getting majorly ripped off as far as the service they are being provided goes, but that's another story.

    Since their site will be mostly static plus a few basic dynamic features, I figure that this is something I can handle by learning the requisite amount of PHP on my own time (not on the clock) and working with one of the provided frameworks.
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