Contact Us plugin feature ( i need help tbh )

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    Hello there,
    I dont know if here is correct place for asking help or it's forbidden. I am not php developer and trying to learn some basics while trying your cms. I'm trying to implement attachment form on your Contact Us plugin but it seems everytime i failed so hard. I just wanted to people could send pdf file via contact form.
  2. Vasily_B.

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    Welcome aboard. Yes, it's ok to get some general help here, but I'm afraid this feature won't be that easy to implement and I believe it would be a pain to explain it in details here.
    So it might be considered as a custom modification, I believe the price would be around $30 if you're interested.

    Generally you'd need to modify index.tpl form type to allow files submission, and add control to upload files.

    > <form method="post" id="contact" class="ia-form">

    Then you need to add some code in plugin index.php file:

    Add some code to process files in
    > if (isset($_POST['msg'])) {

    That's it.

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