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  1. usmex

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    Hi there,
    For a new member, the package lets them add the 1st coupon, but if they want to add another coupon, they go to "My coupons" section and there is no "Add coupon" button that would let them do so. Please advise. thank you!
  2. Andrew_G.

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    Hello @usmex ,

    By default in 4.0 version 'Share Coupon' block is visible on any page of the site (including the My Coupons page). Please look at attached screenshot to see it.
    If this block is not displayed on My Coupons page of your site you need to check (tick) the My Coupons page in the Subrion Admin Panel -> Content -> Blocks -> find and edit the block with Title = Share Coupon -> Visible everywhere field

    Please let me know if you have any further questions or issues.

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  3. usmex

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    Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for your prompt and clear response. I followed the steps you gave me and I activated the Share Coupon Block. It was not active. I appreciate your assistance. So this issue is fixed. How about a member not being able to delete a coupon?
  4. Andrew_G.

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