Coupons Script 3.0.0 is available for downloads!

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    I'm happy to announce that Subrion Coupons & Deals 3.0 is available for downloads. Here is the changelog for our new version:
    • Bug #829: Print page does now work correctly
    • Bug #830: Front-end: Add coupon page
    • Bug #831: Coupon cannot be added by visitor
    • Bug #832: "Add to favorites" function missed - Rejected
    • Bug #834: Remove time stamps on front-end for coupons - Rejected
    • Bug #835: Missed phrase on adv search page
    • Bug #837: 404 when trying to view coupon
    • Bug #838: Add notice when there are no shops created.
    • Bug #839: Featured state not saved when adding coupon
    • Bug #840: Date added field not saved
    • Bug #854: Coupons can not be submitted if user is not logged in
    • Bug #855: Users can not delete their own coupons
    • Bug #857: Expired coupons are displayed
    • Bug #859: Images for printable coupons do not get saved
    • Bug #864: Coupons count doesn't update after coupon is removed
    • Bug #865: No pagination for coupons in categories
    • Bug #934: Fix template issue in Skeleton template
    • Bug #935: No autocomplete (typeahead) on Add shop page for Member field in Admin Panel
    • Bug #936: Can not delete shop from Shops page in Admin Panel
    • Bug #937: Add shop: wrong title alias when http:// is not specified
    • Bug #939: Wrong category when editing coupon in admin panel
    • Bug #941: Implement styles for tree section
    • Bug #942: No column added when creating a field for shops
    • Feature #836: Shop title on coupon list page
    • Feature #867: Add a column with the number of coupons per shop in Admin Panel
    • Feature #940: Add active status for chosen alpha in shops list on frontend
    You can check all the details here:
    Coupons Script 3.0 Roadmap

    Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help & advise. Thanks!
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    Coupons Script 3.0.1 version is also available in your downloads area! Please use coupons 3.0.1 for the latest 3.0.1 core version.


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