Coupons Script 3.0.2 is available!

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    Thanks for your patience. Finally Coupons script 3.0.2 is available for downloads. Here is the changelog:
    Bug #1077: Categories filter does not work
    Bug #1078: Incorrect tree display
    Bug #1079: Incorrect alias for coupon during submission
    Bug #1087: Filter does not work for coupons
    Bug #1092: Error on coupon view page
    Feature #944: Add affiliate URL for shops
    Feature #945: Adapt ex PerfectCoupons template
    Feature #984: Add actions log
    Feature #1091: Add affiliate URL for coupons​
    Here is the link to the roadmap.

    Demo has been updated. You can see the new coupons script in action here:
    Coupons Script

    Ask in case you have any questions. Thanks!
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