Cryptocurrency Trends And Market Predictions 2021

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    Institutional Investors Participation

    There is a huge possibility that institutions would invest in cryptocurrencies ever before. Institutional investors obviously invest in bulk than the individual investors that significantly increases the trade volume and surely make it own impact on the market.

    Bitcoin ETF (Exchange Trading Fund)

    Bitcoin ETF is the kind of investment that lets investors to modify their investments without owning the actual asset. It simple terms, ETF is the kind of alternative for buying and selling assets.

    Stablecoins Stands Up

    Stablecoin are the kind of digital tokens which have encrypted with the value of certain fiat currency. statistics says that the stablecoins usage is increase in Asia and America. Now USDT (Tether) is the most popular stable coin. In the future, more stable coins will take birth and used widely

    Cryptocurrency Taxation and Regulation

    The Taxation and legalization for the Crypto Industry will be more profound and streamlined. countries which do not have certain regulations and taxation for cryptocurrencies will lay a protocol for it. India is planning to collect tax for cryptocurrency investment which would be laid in 2021.

    Birth of New Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    As Cryptocurrency Exchanges remain the open choice for traders to get their desired currencies. In the future, we expect a lot more new cryptocurrency exchanges.

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