Current Assets: 0.00 always

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  1. dhglobal

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    By adding money to a user's account, the balance remains displayed at 0

    Current assets: 0,00

    I would like the balance to be functional.

    How to do ?

    In thanking you,
  2. dhglobal

    dhglobal New Member

    I have cleared the CMS cache and now its function ...
    However, how does an administrator do to withdraw money from the user account?
  3. Dayir_A.

    Dayir_A. Staff Member

    Hello @dhglobal,

    That's because logged in user's info is stored in sessions and it's not updated when admin gives funds.
    The easiest way to update it: to logout and login

    We have invoices functionality, but it's quite raw and doesn't functioning currently.
    What you can do now is to create transaction manually in DB manager.

    In admin panel quick access menu select "DB Tools".
    You'll be redirected to database manager. There you should select {prefix}payment_transactions table
    Then click on "New item" and fill fields:
    member_id - should be the id of the member that you want to charge
    amount - amount that you want to charge
    sec_key - some random string like fd787fd8
    then click on save and this transaction will appear in that members profile page -> funds section so he'll be able to pay for it.
    You also can fill other fields, but these 3 fields are required.

    In near future we're planning to review our payment system as it needs to be enhanced.
    I've created related task for it :
    You may track the progress there

  4. dhglobal

    dhglobal New Member

    Ok thank you for his, but this solution is to add money to the user account.
    What I would like is to withdraw money from the user account.
    Example the user has $ 1000 and I would like to withdraw $ 500. He would have that $ 500 remaining on the account.
  5. Dayir_A.

    Dayir_A. Staff Member


    I showed you how to create a transaction, which user then can pay for, so his some amount from his funds will be withdrawn.
    It is not correct to withdraw, without permission of user and every transaction should be logged.
    That's why I suggested you to create transaction, so user will be able to pay for it (this way his funds will be withdrawn)

    If you just want to subtract some amount of funds from member, then you can do it in database manager.
    Just select {prefix}members table and edit preferred member.
    There is a column: funds. you can set a new subtracted value.


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