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Discussion in 'Web Directory Script' started by mrdemo, Nov 12, 2016.

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    Hello... I would like to know how to add more fields to the search page... I have added several checkbox fields for my registration.. lets say one check box is BUY... so when a member goes to the search page, the only thing there is a single line and a search button. I would like the searcher to be able to check the box next to BUY to find the other members that are wanting to BUY something... I would hope it would be possible to create an advanced search where the searcher can select specific data fields to narrow search... also would be VERY useful to be able to dictate the permissions of each added field as to who can view based on their subscription level... free accounts get limited data... paid accounts get more data if permitted via admin..

    thanks in advance
  2. Andrew_G.

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    Hello @mrdemo ,
    We have this functionality in the Subrion CMS by default. In order to add any listing field (of one of these types: storage, radio, checkbox, dropdown, image) to Refine Search (Advanced Search) block you need to enable the 'Searchable' config on Edit listing page in the Subrion Admin Panel -> Directory -> Listings Fields -> edit the needed listing field. I've attached the screenshot file for better understanding of this process.
    Please be informed that you don't need to have the Advanced Search page, as Search listings page ( ) has the same features.
    This feature can be implemented only as Custom Modification (paid service) due to the fact that we don't have this functionality in the Subrion CMS by default. If you're interested in it please submit a ticket in our HelpDesk system -> Custom Modifications dept. and me or my colleagues will help you asap.

    Thanks for your interest in our software products!

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    I don't have the Directory field. How can that be?
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