Database of manufacturers(makes) and models.

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    I'm very new to Subrion CMS, I have purchased and installed Auto Classifieds Script. So far, I have tunned the Mashinki Template, for example the block.quicksearch.tpl
    line 9:
    <option value="">{lang key='field_autos_condition'}</option>
    changed to:
    <option value="">{lang key='field_auto_condition'}</option>
    The bugs here are visible when you try to implement another language as on lines 10 and 11 the lang keys are wrong and need .

    My question is how to populate the database with makes/models.
    It is a way to do this with some kind of dump or all models and makes are to be inserted manually from the admin panel?
    Thank you in advance.
  2. webslave

    webslave New Member

    Hello again,
    I found that in my database was missing table 'sbr421_autos_models' so dump was not working.
    I have created the table running a query manually, then I was abble to run Database->Import->Models.
  3. webslave

    webslave New Member

    After a lot of work, trying to get some use of the above mentioned script,full of bugs, without any kind of support from helpdesk (it looks like nobody is out there). I really think to consider another option.
    Can anybody advice for another working auto classifieds script?
    Good Bye.

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