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  1. yiannis

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    Tickets, forums, threads, questions,... what's the point when nobody can be bothered answering? It was too good to be true. I suppose I'll just go back to Wordpress. Annoying as it can be, at least you get answers when asking questions. Not simply deafening silence...
  2. Greg

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    It has been very quiet around here lately. :(
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    Greetings @yiannis ,

    We regret to know that you're not satisfied with our services. We were very busy last month with some custom stuff. Also there were holidays in our country since Wednesday of last week till today.

    Now we're back and ready to work. Please ask any question you have and we'll try to help you asap.

    If you have a ticket in our HelpDesk system, please let me know its ID and you'll get reply there.

    Hope for your patience and understanding.
  4. olairmarcos

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    I have already informed various problems that appears when you install all script packages on the same site and even then had no answer. We also realize that it was very quiet, we imagine they were in the summer holidays.
  5. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hello @olairmarcos ,

    Please let me know the threads with issues you're talking about and I'll reply you there asap.
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  7. AbrahamAdeyemi

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    I have been trying to get a response from you guys for the past 5 days now and it's a little frustrating...I am trying to pay you aswell so I am a little confused as to why you don't want to get paid and why aren't you responding. I understand if you're busy but you have told me numerous times that you have either checked my ticket or you were going to check my ticket and said that you were going to reply to me in 2-3 hours.....that was 5 days ago and every time I try to talk to you on chat now, I get no response, it says you're online, I click the chat popup, it loads and tells me that no one is online. Then when I reload the page, the chat is all of a sudden is offline...like what is going on?? Please help me as my site is just floating in limbo and nothing is getting done.....
  8. Same here. I assumed that patience was good, knowing that work was being done elsewhere on the upgrades.
    I even reposted threads as reminders.

    A. 'quote'
    Still need questions answered.

    Discussion in 'General Chat' started by projectashenfire, Apr 8, 2016.
    The first link was answered. The second was not.
    I have gotten fair responses, but not to all questions.

    B. Also, I have referred *via forums* to an open ticket that has been open since May 03.
    Ticket: #LCU-700-82922.

    My tickets are on hold while I desperately find some smart fella to handle my technical issues. I am behind schedule.
  9. AbrahamAdeyemi

    AbrahamAdeyemi New Member

    @projectashenfire Yeah I have my client on my shoulders asking about the progress of the site and I have to keep coming up with more elaborate excuses because I physically cannot progress with development on this site mainly because of the bugs but also because I need custom modification...I don't know how at least one person can't answer us. It's a little frustrating but I am trying to be as understanding and as civilized as possible.
  10. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    Post your problem (in a new thread), perhaps we can help! While we wait, we can exchange an idea ..... I am also several projects stopped because of problems that appear when you install multiple packages at the same site.
  11. AbrahamAdeyemi

    AbrahamAdeyemi New Member

    Ok no problem thanks
  12. Greg

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  13. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    Wearing thin is an understatement... I wonder how long it will take before this post gets removed?
    Here's a not so nice little story. 3 years ago (yes, 3 years ago!) we purchased the real estate package for a client. One of the attractions was the then advertised and officially included module (as per subrion.com details about the real estate package) that would allow a user to make a search for a property with different attributes (nr of bedrooms, specific view, type of property, etc). If the search returned "nil", then this user could request to be informed by email as soon as a property matching his search became available. This would happen automatically via a special module. However, this module was not included in the package, despite being advertised as such. This is what Vasily had to say about it in an email received on 06/02/2014, when we enquired about why this was not included as promised and advertised.

    So, Alex (not with Subrion any longer) eventually gets in touch and after a few emails first outlining and then detailing what is needed, we receive an email from him on 08/05/2014 (3 months after the Vasily email!) , obviously on behalf of Subrion as he is working for them.

    Nothing happens, so after a week of waiting we get in touch again. On 16/05/2014 we receive this email, again from the programmer Alex.

    Up to that moment, the work delivered by Alex on this and other stuff (the yellow pages package being another package we purchased and had modified) had been timely and excellent.
    That was the last we heard from Alex, or Subrion for that matter, on this. Nothing got implemented, Alex walked off into the sunset...

    There was another discussion in 2015 regarding this, which again ended in deafening silence and no action. In December of 2015 we were promised with 100% certainty that this module would be implemented as part of the new version of the real estate package (v4.01) which would run on the Subrion Core V4.
    So we patiently and understandingly waited a little more, and enquired about all this again in March of this year, wanting to upgrade the whole system to V4, and of course get the long awaited customer query tracking system as well, as it is now 100% guaranteed part of the new package... We get this answer on 29/03/2016:

    Again, note the promise of free implementation. (I removed the URL from the text)
    On 31/03/2016 we get an additional email, stating that:

    Based on all this, we once again sit down with the client and write out the vision as requested, pass it on to the support team and expect an invoice for the upgrade (already quoted at that stage and agreed upon by us and our client!) and a time-frame for the implementation of the whole new thing. What a surprise....

    On 02/06/2016 we receive a quote charging an additional $400 to implement this FREE implementation mentioned on 29/03 and which had been promised for 3 years by now...

    When we questioned this, we receive this answer:

    Never was there a mention of this sudden time-limitation in the email received on 29/03, nor on 31/03 when additional info was requested. Thus implying the implementation was going to happen as soon as we detailed "our vision". Not to mention the length of time it has taken so far to end up with nothing but lots of broken promises...

    We got in touch with Vasily, the team leader, as this is a serious matter and it needs resolving now, in the manner repeatedly promised, by free implementation. We have, so far, once again been met with deafening silence...

    So now I am very, very angry and upset and I go public on this, enough really is enough!

    So Subrion team, still

    After 3 years, lots of broken promises and now the downright dishonest changing of goal posts? I don't think so. Patience and understanding mean absolutely nothing to you when you get it. You use it as a doormat to wipe your feet and do little or nothing when it really matters to your patient and understanding customers. It results in nothing but in a repeated kick in the nuts, time and time again. No more patience, no more understanding.
    It is however high time YOU start giving some of that understanding to your highly frustrated customers. Read the above posts and tell me I am the only one who isn't happy... Meanwhile we stand to lose a major customer over your broken promises.

    This is where I say again enough is enough! Subrion team, please stop messing people about and return to the great support you always used to give. Today you somehow seem to have forgotten what the word "support" means, leave alone how to give it. (Yes, I also have a "critical" ticket on an unrelated non-functioning matter, which remains unanswered for 13 days so far, and counting...)
    Please put your money where your mouth is. After all, when we purchased this package, we did pay for this module you have constantly and consistently promised to implement FOR FREE because it actually wasn't included in the package as advertised in the first place. Which really amounts to nothing short of false advertising. FOR FREE does not cost €400!!!

    Totally disgusted and furious.

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  14. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    Hello @Eleanna

    This is very minor compared to your issues. I have been with Vasily now for about 10 years. Just as a moderator and helping as much as I can. But in that 10 years I have "Never" deleted a post - unless it was spam. As far as I remember, that was always the policy. Just wanted to say that.

    Hope you receive a reply to your post from Vasily. Good luck. ;)
  15. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    Hi Greg,

    thanks, it is indeed a minor thing, but I am so angry about this, it's not healthy for me, or those near me. It takes a lot to get me to this point, but here we are... we wait and see. Probably forever...
  16. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    Just to remember...

    In November 2014, I bought the coupon package to build a website offers to a customer.
    We noticed that the package coupon v.4.0 has various problems and could not finish the job for the customer.

    Still we hope to receive an upgrade to the coupons package, with all the errors corrected. Maybe we can go back to work on the site and end with joy to the customer.

    We are still waiting patiently for the update package coupons.

    Thanks for listening.
  17. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    Hi @Greg

    Other than another comment by another frustrated client, the silence is deafening. Do you know something we should know?
  18. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    Hi, @Eleanna
    I'm watching the Subrion CMS from the start, the CMS evolved very far, but you still need a lot of work to make it perfect.
    In many cases add a new feature requires a detailed study of how it might be developed, in many cases it is necessary to go back to work hard on the kernel of CMS, modify thousands of lines of code, so you can add the requested resource.
    I can not deny.
    But I feel frustrated because I bought a product and the product is in trouble, is not working properly, has errors, it seems that has not been fully tested. If it was free I even do not mind to wait until the next upgrade, but was purchased in order to meet a client and can not do.
    I managed to fix some errors rewriting the codes of some packages, but I think in the long term we may have an incompatibility problem with the new updates that will be released and thinking about the future, let's wait for the updates made by Subrion team.

    Watching your request, I see that the requested resource is very complex I myself would not have enough knowledge to implement it. Because of this complexity a very long time for team work is required.

    Let's see, I believe that soon we will have, good news.:)
  19. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member


    That is all very well, what really really makes me angry is the string of broken promises and the changing of goalposts. If something can't be done, then say so, but don't go stringing people along for 3 yearsdeliver none of the promises you made and then change the goalposts in order to get out from what you not only promised y6ou would do, but actually sold in the first place but simply didn't deliver. And keep asking for" patience and understanding".
    After 3 years, I've run out of both...
    I really am extremely angry over this and find it hard to believe that a team can go from a good, cooperative team with indeed a lot of struggles, but compensated for by good and hard work, to such an uncaring, unfriendly operation this has become.
    Surely they must know that something like this lives or dies with trust, which requires two things: fairness and honesty. Both of which are sorely missing, as is the decency to give an answer, leave alone an apology, and finally deliver what has been promised all along...
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  20. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    I sure don't. It's like being on a roller coaster at times. And I've never liked riding roller coasters.

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