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    The silence remains deafening on all fronts... Which is of course nothing but a "fuck of" message like I've never seen one before...
    We have now not only lost our biggest client, we are also facing the real possibility of a potential lawsuit over this with a demand for serious financial compensation for non delivery of goods. With of course zero chance of passing the buck to Subrion who are really responsible for this debacle. This is what the as of late non existing support and changing the goalposts in order to avoid responsibility leads to: 7 bright, young people out of a job in a country where youth unemployment runs at 62%!, and a good few others who decided to try and make something out of nothing in their own country rather than emigrating left without the often vital support we do provide.
    Subrion team, Vasily and co, you really need to take a very good look at what you are, and more importantly, AREN'T doing.
    You could of course start by giving an answer as to why you see fit to treat us, who in your own words have been one of your
    with the contempt and the silence we are receiving loud and clear.
    I can only assume this is all part of

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    So, after nearly a we eventually manage to get our biggest client back, and land another big one, just to end up in the same shit. Tickets, tickets,tickets, but no answers... the last one we got was 4 days ago, with an excuse that they had had a holiday 2 days previus. Since then? silence on all fronts, except of course from ur clients who are out for our blood. These are also good and seriously paying clients for both ourselves and Subrion. I'm just out of hospital and forced retirement after a nervous breakdown caused by the previus spell of non support, and it looks like that's where I'm heading back to. Thanks for the silence guys, it is totally NOT APPRECIATED!
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    It's like that again. The helpdesk is obviously not functioning, tickets remain unanswered again, "Live Help" is permanently absent, other messages remain unanswered, although the ENTIRE TEAM was cc'd in on this and at least somebody could have the decency to answer... Funnily enough, I pointed out that a link on their website wasn't working, and that got fixed within a few hours...
    I really would like to know what the Subrion definition of customer service is... It seems to happen if/when they feel like it...

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