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  1. Falcooon13

    Falcooon13 New Member

    I want to display all blogs with any language like if there blogs with Arabic language and there blogs with English language i want to display all of them , i edit the index file in personal_blog folder

    line 64,65
        $stmt = '`status` = :status AND `lang` = :language';
            $iaDb->bind($stmt, array('status' => iaCore::STATUS_ACTIVE, 'language' => IA_LANGUAGE));
    i edit it to :

    $stmt = '`status` = :status';
            $iaDb->bind($stmt, array('status' => iaCore::STATUS_ACTIVE));
    but it does not work , any idea for how i can do that ?

    Thank you
  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    You need to do the same for your hook also. Please find this hook in Hook Editor:
    And make similar changes.
    index.php is only used for the blog page, but latest news are fetched separately via hook.

    Try to clear your script cache, once you make all the changes.

    Let us know the results please.
  3. Falcooon13

    Falcooon13 New Member

    Thanks Man , it`s work now :)
  4. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    I'm happy to advise ;) Ask in case you have any questions.

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