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    Hello I am playing around with this CMS / and Publishing package. I have noticed that if you change the url path for a category in the publishing package. The link even in the articles area to that category yields a 404 error. The link matches what the path was changed to but still a 404. I even went into database and check consistence then rebuild and it does the same thing. The only way to fix this is to create a new category with a slightly different name and delete the old one.
  2. CKENT

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    Found the problem, went into a php admin session and did a search for the category name. found that when the update of the category path was changed, it did not change the path in the table prefix_pages. I went in, changed that and everything works. Further it appears that when you delete a publishing/article category the entry in prefix_pages does not get removed.
  3. CKENT

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    Maybe not tried to add another external URL for a Category and came up with same issue. Looking to see what fixes it.
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    Hello @CKENT,

    As I understand you followed instructions described here.
    Category and Page - are different items in our system. The "hack" explained in the thread above works, because there is a hook of the package which checks for the alias of the category and if it cannot find any category matching this URL, then it will try to find a PAGE with that alias. Hope my explanation was clear. Unfortunately at the moment there is no functionality for adding categories in menus. This feature will be implemented in upcoming versions. You may follow the progress here

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