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  1. Paul69

    Paul69 New Member

    First of all i like to Thank Vasily and Team working on Yellow Pages Script.

    I enjoy working and Testing on the yellow Pages. We all know esyndicat is on of the best directory script arround and i have no doubt subrion team will do the same here.

    Vasily i know your team is quite busy but i like to know Plan for Yellow Pages

    What we expect as a functionality
    what we expect as a graphic and template
    what will be the different Pluging we will be getting

    After waiting 3 years finally product is here. I think it will be good idea to bring to post your script link on the other esyndicat forum. I know alot of people weas waiting for your script

    I also think we should Brain- Strom different idea so we can make this website more stable.

    Here is couple things i think your team should keep in mind

    Mobile template

    even apps for iphone or blackberry

    radius and zip code search >>>> already send you database for 5 countries

    I do not think your current default catagory structure is good

    I think directory should be easy to use and catgory should be a,b,c accountant, bookkeeper, carpenter


    we should have database for main counries so far i only saw USA databse.


    Need typical Black and Yellow Template for Yellow Pages

    Display listing should be more like this if possible or may be part of different template

    Find Local computer repair near surrey, BC, | YellowPages.ca

    So far i really enjoy working with your script

  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for commenting here. Sure, we will announce at esyndicat forums once we release more stable version. It's just a first version that allows to understand what we all should expect from a software. There are too many plans for this package. And as you correctly noted it's going to be the best yellow pages script in the market. We just need more time to implement all the features. Currently I'm working on the page that would describe all the features of our software.

    Thanks for your ideas. 100% agree with on Mobile version. Every modern script should have a mobile version + Iphone / Android version. Unfortunately now we don't have it, sure it is in our TODO list.

    Radius ZipCode database. It's available for USA only, anyway the more far we go the more features we have.

    Regarding categories - do you have a dump of categories you like? Or at least a website with categories you like. BTW, we implemented a way in our new version to import dumps that come with the package - so our yellow pages script will come bundled with several dumps.

    Locations - agree with you on that also. Anyway, the first version will have locations for USA only.

    Template - here is the copy of our default template that will come with the yellow pages script. See attached file. View listing is a custom page that will be easily customized + our core version supports the functionality to have different templates for each package.

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  3. Paul69

    Paul69 New Member

    Hello Vasily,

    It is nice to see quick reply.

    I total agree with your vision.

    we should focus on core. Core software is very important. It is really plessure and honor to working with your team

    I will say one things you have some very fine people in your team. I know your team will work hard to change your vision into realty.

    Please keep us informed

  4. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Thanks for your feedback, Paul :) I'm updating our demos right now and once they are ready I will send a detailed reply regarding your request.

    Thanks for your patience.

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