Features Integrated in Uniswap Clone Script.

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    Uniswap clone Script is a ready-to-launch, fully tested and bug-free decentralized exchange script, that can help entrepreneurs to host a DeFi based dex platform like uniswap on top of ethereum blockchain with a clean and Simple User Interface(UI). The ready-made uniswap clone script from bitdeal comes with both “swap and liquidity pool” Smart contracts that exist in the current uniswap DEX.

    Uniswap Clone Script Features
    Listed here are the basic features of Bitdeal's Uniswap Clone Script

    Flash Swapping
    In Uniswap clone one can make multi-step transactions which is known as Flash Swapping. This allows users to withdraw the reserves of any ERC 20 tokens.

    Our Uniswap Clone does not require any KYC verification for trading. Instead it just requires public wallet address identification for trading directly with our wallet.

    Lower Fees
    Uniswap Clone also follows the Maker-Taker fees model which charges 0.3% from both taker and maker for each transaction on the platform.

    Ultra Security
    As the smart contracts of Uniswap clone is built on Ethereum blockchain and audited properly, and it is non-custodial, it provides high security as the protocols does not carry funds.

    New Tokens
    Our Uniswap Clone supports instant trading through which anyone can access new tokens. Users can create their own token and pair any ERC 20 token with ETH to create liquidity for new pools.

    Own Custodian
    The users of uniswap can keep their private keys for themselves, which means they are the custodian of their own tokens and assets, so that they can directly exchange them with high liquidity pools.

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