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    Many people think that choosing a feng shui ring can be arbitrary according to personal preferences, choose whatever color you like. However, that is completely wrong because when the feng shui ring is worn correctly with the right color for the age of destiny, it will create auspicious vitality that brings good luck, on the contrary, wearing it wrong will make the wearer himself. having bad luck. So how to make the right choice, learn about how to choose a feng shui ring for the year of the Dragon in 1976 through the following article.

    What's your destiny?

    1. General information about the Year of the Dragon 1976
    People born in the Year of the Dragon in 1976 are those born in the period from January 31, 1976 to February 17, 1977 according to the solar calendar. The Year of the Dragon in 1976 belongs to the Tho, the Five Elements: Sa Trung Tho means Earth in the sand. Đá phong thủy

    Choose a feng shui round of the year of the Dragon
    People born in the year of the Dragon in 1976 are considered to have a rather quick and intelligent mind, and at the same time, they are also cheerful and approachable people, so they receive a lot of sympathy from everyone around them. However, people of this age are quite hasty, sometimes working a little hastily in order to quickly realize their ambitions. They are smart, quick, but sometimes too self-conceited.
    Binh then chooses white. Đá phong thủy

    The Year of the Dragon at work uses his head more than he looks for. However, if anyone has trouble they are willing to help. They see and decide very quickly.

    2. How to choose a feng shui ring for people born in the Year of the Dragon 1976
    The Year of the Dragon in 1976 belongs to the Earth par, so according to the concept of the five elements, the people of this age are suitable for colors such as red, orange or purple because these colors carry the element of Fire, but Fire gives birth to Earth, so it creates a future. birth, absorbing vitality to create good things.
    Besides, the 1976 Dragon Year can also choose the colors of its destiny such as brown, yellow brown, red brown. However, it is necessary to absolutely avoid the colors belonging to the Moc element because Wood carved Earth like green.

    Some feng shui ring materials suitable for people born in the year of the Dragon 1976
    + Golden tiger eye bracelet: stability, keeping the spirit undisturbed by surrounding difficulties.
    + Red onyx ring: create new opportunities to change life for the better
    + Red tiger eye stone bracelet: affects nerves to increase confidence; improved communication ability; help clear mind to solve problems ecstasy.

    Choosing a feng shui ring based on the theory of yin and yang of the five elements
    + Amethyst bracelet: control your emotions; relieve anxiety; bring new things.
    + Sunstone bracelet: brings joy and luck; help you become more optimistic and love life more.
    + Strawberry quartz stone bracelet: enhance health; improve relationships; help couples love more passionately.
    With a few tips that we have shared, we hope that it will be useful information for you to choose the best feng shui rings for your 1976 Year of the Dragon.
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