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Discussion in 'Article Script / Article Directory Script' started by karpok, Feb 8, 2011.

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    First of all, I want to say thanks to the development team of Subrion for creating such nice script.

    I purchased Subrion just before 2 days and installed at Netymon.com. After installing, when I tried to customized, my doubts raised and contacting you to get possible solutions.

    1) At home page title, I am seeing Home. How can I give my own title? I tried to give title, by going to index page. But by updating home to my custom title, script is displaying same title at all places.



    2) How can I give custom heading at home page? Now script is default giving as "Home". But I want to give as Welcome to Netymon Free Article Directory.

    3) How can I remove pictures at home page?

    4) How Can I give custom title for each category? Currently script is considering category name as category page title. But page title is differing from category name.

    5) How can I give custom heading in Category pages?
    For example, I added a category “Automotive”. But after navigating to this category page, I am seeing just “Automotive”. But I want to display heading as: “Automotive Articles”

    6) How can I display sub-category articles at parent category along with parent category articles?

    7) How can I remove “article/” from the url’s of articles? I don’t want to use it.

    8) How can I display a block containing latest articles from the same category in article page?

    9) How can I add bulk categories at a time? Bcoz, I was taken few hours to just add categories.

    10) *Is it possible to restrict number of hyper links publishing in article? Bcoz now days, most of the articles are submitting only by seo’s just for search engine optimization purposes. I chosen auto approve of articles in my configuration. At this time, members may use many links in a single article and it may harm my directory in view of search engines. So that, I want to restrict number of hyper links only to 3 for a single publishing article. Kindly help in this feature. Bcoz, this minimizes the total load of me.

    11) How can I give minimum of length of article title?

    At this moment, I have only above doubts. Kindly help me by providing solutions to the above queries.

    If you are not clear at any above mentioned points, kindly update me.

    Waiting for possible solutions as earlier as possible.

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  3. karpok

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    I posted my thread only after checking the forums (Article Script / Article Directory Script) totally and I didn't found solutions for.

    Forgotten to include one more doubt.

    12) Directly is displaying without "www." , how can I choose with "www." ?


  4. Vasily_B.

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    That's the name for your page. You can change it on your Manage Pages functionality. Right now the same value is used to build menu name, title, and caption. In our future version there will be an option to have different values. Right now this can be done as a custom modification only. Sorry

    The same as above. This can be implemented as a custom modification only.

    You need to edit packages\publishing\templates\common\brief_article.tpl file. Just get rid of the following code there:

        <div style="float:left;margin:5px 10px 0 0">
            <a href="{goToItem itemtype=articles item=$article noimage=true}">{printImage imgfile=$article.avatar width=80 height=80}</a>
    There is one way for that. You can create additional field for your custom title, Admin Panel -> Manage Fields. Create new text field for category item, you'll also need to edit your packages/directory/index.php file code to display values from that field for your page title.

    The same as #4. If you want to add the same text for each category - you can simply edit template file and add text there.

    I'm sorry no way to do this without custom code tweaking.

    That's the identifier for view article page, it's impossible to remove this. Or we can do this but there will be overhead once you have several thousand articles.

    That's already included in our future release. We will implement this block.

    I'm sorry - no way for this. What format do you have them in?

    #10. - this is the feature that will be implement in the next version.

    You can check the configuration for articles package, or simply set limit for the body on Manage Fields page.

    Ask in case you have any questions.
  5. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    You need to edit your config table. Find this config option:

    Change your url there. Make www. URL. Then you need to remove all the files in your tmp/ directory. That should work I think.
  6. karpok

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    Kindly provide steps in deep to update.

    Even we have thousands of articles, articles are publishing along with its id in the URL. I think, we don't get a problem in generating unique url.

    We have an option to set maximum title length but I didn't seen a field requesting for minimum title length. (we have this option for article body)

    I did the same, but got error while article submission as provide in my ticket.


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