Former Tesla Employees Stole Documents for Self-Driving Startup Zoox

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    Zoox, the famous self-driving startup, has self-proclaimed that its four employees have taken documents from their former employer Tesla. They have issued the subsequent statement after a lawsuit being filed against them by the company.

    In the court proceeding, Zoox admitted that several former employees of Tesla that have been hired by them had taken the documents of Tesla. The documents conceal the secrets of Tesla’s shipping, warehouse steps, and receiving of business. Zoox proclaimed about all this in an interview with Reuters. Alongside this, they have added that they are going to pay a secret debt to Tesla regarding their mistake and will fire all four employees who are involved in this conflict.

    Zoox, in its interview, also said that it is a shameful act, and they are regretting the action of subsequent employees. In reference to future concerns, they also added that they are going to conduct training to aware of all of their employees about confidential responsibilities. Zoox was started in 2014 with a motive of building a self-driven car. In a short period of time, Zoox attained international praise for their much-advanced maneuverable features in their cars.

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