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  1. Michel

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    I've noticed a strange misbehavior working with Safari and the latest OSX (OS X 10.11.4 (15E65)) & IOS 9.3.1 (13E238) (on my Mac, iPad Air-2 and iPhone 5s)

    Adding Geo information during the creation of an event, after publishing it the address line is shown, but not the map itself. But only when Safari as browser is used. Other browsers on the same devices (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) shows the location maps in the right way. So, pinpointing it to Safari: has anyone suggestions what may cause this strange behavior? Both 4.02 and 4.05 sites give the same results. Open for any suggestions...... ( / ) = In dutch Evenementen = Events

    Thanks for any reply,
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    Hello Michel,

    We also see some improvements in the Event plugin are required.
    This plugin is very inportante to the site and would like to suggest some improvements to work properly on the site.

    1 - When you save the event, the maps do not show the location of the event. To appear we need to edit the event the administrator by admin panel. So the map is shown in frontpsge but who published the event becomes the administrator. The correct thing, the owner edit the event via the frontpage, but at the moment this is not possible.

    2 - Published events are not shown in chronological order on the frontpage, it would be better that all events were shown in chronological order on the site. We note that the block (Upcoming Events) events are shown in chronological order. In listing events that does not work. It would be nice to have the option: Sort By: (similar to article script), to organize the list.

    3 - When selected (Event Sponsored), nothing happens. There appears to highlight Event Sponsored.

    4 - Possibility owner edit the event through the frontpage.

    5 - The Events Calendar block could show the dates that have events marked with different colors for active and past events events. So we can see on the calendar which days have events registered on the site.

    These are some improvements that can be carried out by the developer team Subrior, make the Events plugin, a great plugin to be added on the site. We will wait for improvements.

    If you have a few more suggestions for improvements, please share with us.

    Thank you.
  3. Michel

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    Hello Olairmarcos,

    Chronological order is no issue - that's working fine. Also the display of upcoming and passed events - I encountered no problems with that at all? But i agree with #1, #3, #4 - a bit more elegant solution would be a nice to have. But bottom line i can live with te current plugin and workaround. Still the strange behavior with Safari is something i can't explain.... If it only happend on one device .... And i don't think Safari is a kind of exotic type of browser (lol) All the current templates give the same results - but as mentioned only with Safari and OSX 10 / IOS 9
    As always, every product has pro's and cons, but for me Subrion is by far my favorite when it comes to stability & speed. So the core & security is prio 1 for me. Most other "misbehavior" can be filled in with more or less workarounds. But events working in the correct way with Safari and OSX / IOS9 would be nice ......

    Thank you .
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  4. olairmarcos

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    Very interesting site:

    As for the reported problem may be some incompatibility with Safari browsing. At the moment, I do not have this browser installed on my computer. But in others browsers, the site is working perfectly. Maybe the team can update the plugin and make it compatible with the Safari browser as well.

    Thanks for listening.
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  5. Greg

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    Hi @Michel

    Using Safari with Windows 10 - I also don't see the map displayed. Chrome, Firefox and
    Opera the map is displayed. Doesn't help you at all, but just to confirm that I see the same results as yourself.
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  9. Michel

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    @Andrew _G

    Hero! :)

    problem fixed. Thanks. Everything on all kind of browsers working fine now

    Michel Dubois
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