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Discussion in 'Subrion Open Source CMS Core' started by chrisf, May 31, 2009.

  1. chrisf

    chrisf New Member

    Hi customer support,

    I have recently downloaded the latest core release 1.1 and am unable to get google maps plugin to completely work with the 'directory' package.

    I have installed the plugin without any errors. I have also enabled the google maps plugin via admin configuration.
    I have followed the instructions in the read-me.txt file and have made changes to the programs and re-uploaded them to my site.
    When I create a new listing I can enter the address of the location and I can see the system automatically updates the longitude and latitude values.
    This tells me that my google maps api key is working correctly. However, when I go the front end of my website and click on a listing that contains an address I would expect to see a google map displayed, but I don't see a map.

    I have tried to debug this on my own and have gotten a little frustrated. When I look at both the listing_view.php and list_view.tpl files I can't see where it can possibly call the google map plugin. Am I meant to update these files and place some hook code like I did to the other programs as outlined in the read-me file. The read me file doesn't mention anything about updating the listing_view files.

    Can you please help or tell me what code I need to add to the list_view programs...

    can you also please install the plugin on your demo site, so that I can see how it works.

  2. Sergey_L.

    Sergey_L. New Member

    Hello Chris welcome to our support forum
    Google map appears in categories, not in listing details.
    Send me please your ftp or cpanel details in PM and I will try to help you.
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  3. chrisf

    chrisf New Member

    Hi Sergey,
    Thank you for your offering of help. However I have debugged this on my own. Firstly I would have thought that it made more sense to include the google map view on the listing detail page rather than on the category. Your clue made me look in the listings_display.tpl file and I notice that I the line '{sbr_hooker name="beforeListingDisplay"}' did not match any record in the hook table. However I did find a hook record of description: 'BeforeLisitingsDisplay'. I changed the record to 'beforeListingDisplay' and it fixed google maps. I had a closer look at install.xml file of the google map plugin and there is a typo on line:

    <hook name="BeforeLisitingsDisplay">

    it should read:

    <hook name="beforeListingsDisplay">

    Anyway thankyou for the plugin.

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