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  1. Eleanna

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    We installed the google tools plugin, which is working fine. The following is not a big deal, it just looks a little strange...
    We disabled the "title" and put the translation tool in the "account" block. It sits nicely, and works fine. Then we login, and the translate box is dutyfully pushed over by the account name, as expected. Great. But the google strapline doesn't follow it and now declares the member to be powered by google.... Can this be fixed?

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  2. Gleb_S.

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    Hi @Eleanna !

    I can see that you are using PressMag template. This position (account) is not designed for blocks rather than Account Menu.
    However, I have told Alex to take care of this issue. He will fix this and reply to you through our Help Desk.

  3. Eleanna

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