how can i change the name and style of the mainmenu

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    I have the template autosales ,and i need to change the menu 2016-11-02 11_51_45-Home __ Powered by Subrion 4.0.png
    with this menu :
    2016-11-02 11_53_02-.png
    how can i do that which files i changer for style and the label .

    Thanks for your answer .
  2. Andrew_G.

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    Greetings @kurchi.suiden ,

    In order to change the pages in any menu you need to log into your Subrion Admin Panel -> go to Content -> Menus -> choose the needed menu and click on Edit (pencil) button -> Remove or Add (by drag & drop) the needed pages.

    In order to change CSS styles of any menu you need to add CSS styles to the ../templates/YOUR_CURRENT_TEMPLATE/css/user-style.css file or you need to edit .less files in the ../templates/YOUR_CURRENT_TEMPLATE/less/ folder (by this instruction: ).

    .tpl files that contain SMARTY code related to menus are:

    NOTE. .tpl files from the ../templates/common/ folder can be overriden by .tpl files from the ../templates/ANY_TEMPLATE/ folder (you can get more information here: ).

    If you want us to make the needed changes then it will be a paid service. If you're interested in thsi server please submit a ticket in our HelpDesk system -> Custom Modifications dept. and me or my colleagues will help you asap.

    Thanks for choosing our software products!
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  3. kurchi.suiden

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    Tahnks @Andrew_G.

    So please I have the new Files CSS and JS for my new template where i put these ?

  4. kurchi.suiden

    kurchi.suiden New Member

    please I want understand how can i call my new folder css and js to changer the layout on template .

    I have Template HTML/CSS i take one template Autosales i update Install.xml and i want know how can i change the css because i have in template autosale page index mainmenu :
    Code (Text):
    <nav class="navbar navbar-default "
    and in template html /css i have :
    Code (Text):
    <div class="header-inner">
    so can you tell me i copied the file css(template html) in user-style.css and what can i do after that to make change the design the template ?

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