How could I assign a new varible?

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    I have installed Subrion CMS version 4.1.5 and Coupons package 4.1

    I have shown all tags of a coupon on the coupon list page. It looks like:

    The Code is:

    And now, I wanne to assign a new varible: $listing.tags_with_link

    The value of $listing.tags_with_link should be:
    "<a href="/Braun">Braun</a>, <a href="/Haarschneider">Haarschneider</a>, <a href="/schwarz">schwarz</a>, <a href="/testying">testying</a>"

    Please help me, in which PHP file could I assign this new varible $listing.tags_with_link?

    Thanks a lot!
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