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Discussion in 'Subrion CMS Templates' started by geniereseaux, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. geniereseaux

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    I have the template HTML/CSS and I want to replace/change design the Template Subrion AutoSales by template (html/css) so i see this Link :

    but i don't Understand : how can i replace my folder CSS subrion by new Folder CSS (template html)but not worked for me can you please tell me how can i changer my folder CSS template Subrion by folder CSS the template HTML?
    Also i do that but nothing worked .
    I copied the file CSS in file templates\Mytemplate\css\user-style.css

    please i see this forum all the post but not contains any information about that ,and also it's not have the tutorial .

    Please Answer me.
  2. olairmarcos

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    Hello @geniereseaux
    If your template HTML / CSS was created with Bootstrap you can easily adapt the template skeleton in Subrion. If not, it will be very laborious process of adaptation, I suggest finding another template created with bootstrap.
    Put there your template HTML / CSS for us to see, so we can help in a better way.
    See you soon,
  3. geniereseaux

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    How can i adapt please?can you tell me what i do just example please, my template (HTML/CSS) in template Subrion I have in below my folder CSS see @olairmarcos 2016-11-06 10_44_27-css.png

    and in My project template subrion i have this folder: 2016-11-06 10_52_33-PHP - Eclipse.png
    what i changer for Front to see my template html/css in subrion Thanks in advance
  4. olairmarcos

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    You can paste your custom style in user-style.css file. The custom classes in the user-style.css write about the properties of iabootstrap-default.css file.
    Or customize directly iabootstrap.css file

    Good job.
  5. geniereseaux

    geniereseaux New Member

    @olairmarcos ,i have paste file Style.css in user-style.css and after that .
    I change iabootstrap-default.css by this bootstrap.min.css the template (html/css)!in below my structure the folder css the template html/css:
    2016-11-06 15_11_07-css.png

    but it's non ok,i 'am new with this cms subrion

    can you please tell me what's the issue
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