How Much do solar rooftop System Cost?

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    The rooftop solar system’s cost depends on the function it performs and the subsidies/incentives available. It should be noted that all solar photovoltaic systems work by matching the voltage from another source. Therefore, the system must be integrated into the grid, a backup battery, or a diesel generator.

    Cost of Solar panel installation in India
    The standard installation fee of the solar module is about Rs. 7 per watt.

    System size cost per watt (in Rs.)
    1 kW 7,000 Rs

    2 kW 14,000

    3 kW 21,000

    4 kW 28,000

    5 kW 35,000

    6 kW 42,000

    7 kW 49,000

    8 kW 56,000

    9 kW 63,000

    10 kW 70,000

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