How slider plugin is integrated

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  1. leopar

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    Hello everybody,
    How slider plugin is integrated plugins news
    and how to integrate with other plugins are
  2. Vasily_B.

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    Welcome to our user forums!

    I'm sorry. I don't understand the question. Slider plugin is a separate plugin that's not related to any other information. It only allows to upload an image and put some extra texts over it.
    Could you please clarify what kind of information you expect?

  3. leopar

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  4. bikini_browser

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    If you are wanting to be understood a little better, I recommend you go to GOOGLE use their translator tool. Type in your question(s) in your own language and request an instant translation to English. Then copy the translation to the clipboard and paste it into this forum.

    I live in Puerto Rico and most of the people here speak Spanish but I don't really speak the language. So I use GOOGLE's Translator tool all the time and Its not bad at all. At least the other person will understand the concept of what you're trying to communicate to them...

    Go for it! Try it out!

  5. leopar

    leopar New Member

    When asking questions already had used google translate.
    I gave links to sample questions are not fully understood.
    Thanks anyway.

    How do I make a picture of news sliding plugin?

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