How To Build a Defi Based DEX Exchange like Polkaswap

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    Polkaswap is the very first, cross-chain liquidity aggregator DEX protocol for swapping tokens based on the Polkadot (and Kusama) network(s), Parachains, and blockchains connected via bridges. These bridges lets user trade with various blockchains

    Benefits Of Building a Platform like Polkaswap

    l Non-Custodial Assets
    l Best Pricing

    l Sophisticated User Experience

    Many Cryptopreneurs willing to kick start their own Platform like Polkaswap. By making use of Polkaswap Clone Script, one can build their own DeFi based DEX platform like polkaswap.

    Polkaswap Clone Script

    Polkaswap Clone Script is technically the package of high standard source code written in top-notch programming languages. It is the kind of decentralized script encrypted with a liquidity aggregator algorithm and advanced security features to build an interoperable, Defi based DEX aggregator like Polkaswap.

    Bitdeal lets you build a pure, gentle platform just like Polkaswap with white label Polkaswap Clone Script and an integrated cross-chain feature enabling users to get multiple tokens like ERC-20, BNB, etc, without creating an account on various platforms.

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